Workplace Violence Prevention Specialist - Classroom - April 6-7, 2017 - Wilmington, NC

Workplace Violence Prevention Specialist - Classroom - April 6-7, 2017 - Wilmington, NC: $795.00

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Our Workplace Violence Prevention Specialist Certification covers:

  • The Problem of Violence in America and in the Workplace
  • Types of Violence and Identifying a Potentially Violent Worker
  • Factors Which May Increase Risk of Assault
  • Managing and Surviving Disruptive, Threatening, or Violent Behavior
  • Dealing with an Active Shooter
  • Developing Policies, Procedures and a Comprehensive Violence Prevention Program
  • Training for Supervisors and Workers


Workplace Violence Prevention Specialist (VPS)

Course Objectives:

• Understand the significant impact of violence in the country and in the workplace

• Define the various types of violence found in the workplace

• Recognize the factors associated with workplace violence for appropriate risk assessment

• Identify potentially violent employees to include signs and risk indicators

• Employ the response techniques associated with the various levels of workplace violence

• Apply the various compliance requirements associated with workplace violence, to include recordkeeping and reporting

• Effectively develop, manage, and evaluate a workplace violence prevention plan that includes appropriate control measures and employee training


The student will take a comprehensive exam at the end of the course. You must score 80% to receive certification.

Class Information:

8:00 AM until 5:00 PM first day with lunch provided and 8:00 AM until 12:00 pm second day.

Hotel Information

The host hotel (and training venue) is the Holiday Inn Wilmington located at 5032 Market St, Wilmington, NC 28405. Please contact the hotel directly at (910) 392-1101 to book your room. Discounted room rate for NASP attendees is $98/night. Also, this class overlaps the beginning of the Wilmington Azalea Festival so make your reservations early. The Azalea Festival is Wilmington’s annual community celebration with music, arts, crafts and food and is the largest of its kind in the state. To find out more about the Azalea Festival you can visit this page.


A refresher course and exam will be required every three (3) years. The cost of this recertification is $95 and will be taken online.