Petroleum Safety Specialist (PSS) - Pipeline Systems

Petroleum Safety Specialist (PSS) - Pipeline Systems: $995.00

NASP/IASP Petroleum Safety Specialist (Pipeline Systems) course covers:

  • Understanding Basic Petroleum Related Terms and Concepts
  • Determining Proper Equipment and Tools
  • Pipeline Safety Data and Statistics
  • Review of OSHA Standards for Safety Programs for the Pipeline Industry
  • Identification of Common Hazards and How to Prevent Accidents
  • Pipeline Construction and PHMSA


Petroleum Safety Specialist (PSS) - Pipeline Systems

Course Objectives:

This course identifies common hazards and possible solutions for reducing incidents that could lead to injuries or fatalities. The student learns to identify typical processes and procedures of this industry, consider many associated accident causes, look for trends and then prevent these accidents. Plan your program or evaluate an existing safety program and then institute a plan – do – act procedure that assigns program responsibilities and provides for continual program improvement. The required amount of time to complete the course is dependent upon your knowledge of workplace safety, but we find that the average completion time is approximately 40 hours. You have up to six months to complete the course.

Learning Outcome:

The student will function as a key team member or team leader defining and assessing hazard mitigation methodologies, providing critical review of programs and methods, and preparing regularly scheduled reports recommending changes that will provide for continual improvement of job safety programs.

Online Exams:

The student will take a comprehensive online exam for this course. You must score 80% to receive certification. You have three opportunities to pass each exam.


A refresher course and exam will be required every three (3) years. The cost of this recertification is $300.